Consulting Services

In addition to occasionally teaching my public usability testing workshops, I also do in-house workshops.

The basic workshop content is the same. But hosting it in-house can be a great way to stretch your training budget and get some expert consulting at the same time. Consider the advantages:

  • You can send as many people as you want. All you provide is a meeting room.
  • Since it's on-site, there are no travel costs and time away from work for your team.
  • You can open it to other departments in your organization and share the cost.
  • The entire day is focused on your team's questions and the issues they're wrestling with.
  • Get an expert review at no extra cost. To prepare for the workshop, I'll look at your existing site and any work-in-progress you want to send me.
  • Your team is free to discuss confidential or proprietary issues that you wouldn't want to air in a public workshop.

If you want me to, I can also do a lunchtime presentation about usability for your entire organization, which can help you promote your efforts and justify the cost.

The day-long workshop and my preparation costs $10,000 to $15,000, plus my travel expenses.

If you're interested in planning an in-house workshop or just have some questions about it, please contact Rosenfeld Media.