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The Books

Book cover: Don’t Make Me Think!Now in its 3rd edition! After 14 years, I finally updated the book that’s become almost everyone’s introduction to Web usability (600,000 copies in 20 languages). Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited is still short enough to read on a plane ride, but now the examples are from the 21st century, and it talks about mobile sites and apps.

Book cover: Rocket Surgery Made EasyThe how-to book. If Don’t Make Me Think convinced you that you should be doing usability tests, this book tells you exactly how to do them. Hint: It’s much easier than you’d think, as you can see in this usability test video that shows how I do them.

Are you teaching a course...

...about UX or usability?

Check out my Instructor's Guide for Don't Make Me Think, complete with discussion questions, assignments, and projects.

It's free, but you have to register as an instructor to download it--so students can't see the quiz answers!


Chris Schmitt has posted an hour of our very pleasant (for me, anyway) conversation on the Non Breaking Space podcast. As usual, I probably said several things I shouldnt have (e.g. bad-mouthing mobile design, starting at 11:20).

TheUXIntern (Wesley Noble) has posted our hour-long chat (also available on iTunes podcasts). We ended up talking about things like The Great Skeuomorphism Panic of 2013. has a pretty freewheeling two-part interview about the third edition of Don't Make Me Think. (At one point, I can't remember Geena Davis's name.)

Or you can listen to Lou Rosenfeld and I have our usual good time discussing wearables. (Spoiler: I'm an Apple Watch fan.)

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