Lean Usability Testing: The Workshop

Learn how to dramatically improve your Web site,
application, or mobile app by watching people use it

Illustration: "As I said in my book..."

After I finished writing Don't Make Me Think, I spent five years teaching a workshop about basic usability principles.

A lot of people who took that workshop suggested that I also do a full day just about usability testing. I thought it was a great idea, but I couldn't figure out how to do it all in one day.

Finally, after a lot of pondering, I realized how to structure a day that included everything I think people need to get started doing testing on their own, including some hands-on practice.

In this day-long session, I'll teach you how to do your own low-cost/no-cost testing that's simple enough to make it a routine part of your design process.

The day will include...

  • A complete explanation of how I recommend doing testing (Hint: very simple, very fast, and very cheap)
  • A live demo test on an attendee's site, so you can see the whole process in detail
  • A chance to practice doing a test on your own site or app
  • Plenty of time to answer your questions about testing or any other aspect of usability

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in publishing a Web site, application, or mobile app. Designers, programmers, writers, editors, project managers, sole proprietors, and VPs can all benefit from this session.

Whether you already do testing and want to know more, or have never tested and want to start, or even if you don't ever intend to do your own testing but are responsible for hiring, managing, or paying other people to do it, this session will prove valuable.

Some of the topics covered...

  • What I mean by 'do-it-yourself' usability testing, and why it always works
  • What kind of people--and how many--to test with
  • What to test, and when to test it
  • The art of specifying test tasks
  • How to facilitate--when to listen and when to probe
  • Why I don't use exit and entrance questions
  • How to decide what to fix
  • Why you should avoid writing test reports, and what to do instead
  • How to use this to test mobile sites and apps
  • Remote testing methods and tools

...and much more.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

2019 Schedule

  • Nothing scheduled at the moment, because I'm working on a new book (not about usability!)

    But I'm always happy to do an in-house workshop if you'd like your team to learn how to do more (and better) usability testing with less effort.